Feliz Navidad!


After the difficult hike, we make our way down to Lima via the coast. We aren’t planning on spending too much time in Lima, but we’ve heard there are Asian foods and after 3 months… it would be nice to taste the familiar flavors we haven’t had in a while.

We spend 2 nights “camping” at the Club Suizo with our friends. Turns out there is a heavy presence of Swiss people in Lima (also other European and Asian influences), so we find a lot of what we haven’t seen in markets for awhile. Including, instant noodles, Korean snacks, TOFU (o how I’ve missed Tofu), sauces for meats, and soup bases.

We are trying to spend less time in cities as we are slowly running out of time and there are so many things we want to see further south. Lima itself was a really nice city but the income disparity is so much more obvious than anywhere else we’ve seen.



Woke up to Flamingos on Christmas morning!

For Christmas, we head out to the coast to find a quiet place to spend Christmas together with our Swiss friends. It’s hard to be away from our family during the holidays and the internet has been so… unreliable we do our best and make the best of it!

After Christmas, we will be separating for a while until we meet again further south so this is dinner is especially bittersweet. For us, we will be going down the coast to Arequipa while they will be taking the mountain route to Cusco.

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