Laguna 69

Within Huascaran National Park, there are 600 glaciers and 300 lagoons, but Laguna 69 is by far the most famous. It’s just outside the small village of Caraz and for us, we camp up at 13,000ft for the night to help us adjust to the altitude. Laguna 69 is actually a hike to 15,000ft, so for someone like me who keeps getting altitude sickness, I definitely need some extra time.


Bright and early at 6:30am, we see that there is some blue sky peeking out so we get going. You hike through the valley surrounded by waterfalls and a beautiful glacier river.



There are also some old homes that have been abandoned or we really aren’t sure what they are. There are definitely local farmers who graze their cattle around the entire national park, which is a weird thing to see in national park.


At 8km, it doesn’t sound like a hard hike, but at such a high altitude it really takes a toll on your body since there is no oxygen. After 3 gruelling hours, we finally reach the laguna just before the rain comes.




I was extremely proud of all of us for making the hike and it really was beautiful. The surrounding glaciers are melting via small waterfalls surrounding the whole lake. Sometimes when we take pictures of places like this it reminds us of why we started. Pictures are beautiful and it captures a small moment of what we experienced, but the magnitude of the lake is very hard to capture.


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