Animals of Argentina

Our final stretch towards Buenos Aires. Route 3 along the coast is quite slow and there really isn’t too much to see, but we are definitely dragging our heels since we won’t be doing any more camping after this stretch. We are almost at the end of our 6 month journey…

So we stop by a free national park where there are thousands of Magellanic penguins nesting on the coast – Parc National Monte León. They all come here from Brazil during the month of December to have babies and only stay for three months. We were incredibly lucky to have been driving up right when the babies are all grown up and they are just learning how to be grownup penguins – which also means there is lots of activity.

Anywhere else in the world, you wouldn’t be allowed to go 1 km from the penguins. But this is South America! We hike 2km from the parking lot and start seeing penguins under prickly bushes, literally right next to our path.

Sea Lions Galore

Then, off to the small town of Caleta Olivia where we are promised a colony of sea lions. We were expecting to see them above a cliff, but we drive up to a small pebble beach off the highway. After walking 5 minutes on the beach, we see a herd of them 10 meters away. We probably could have walked right upto them, but they look enormous and dangerous so we keep our distance. Did you know they have a mane like a lion? They also roar really really loudly.

On our drive up the coast, we see the Atlantic Ocean, Guanacos, and rhea birds (they look like small ostriches). It’s like argentina is trying to show us its natural wonders just before we leave.


We can’t believe this trip is coming to an end. Once we get to Buenos Aires we’ll be there for a couple of weeks to decompress, get a haircut, and maybe get a little fat off some food.

This isn’t our last post. We’ll do one more for Buenos Aires and another final post looking back at some of our favourite moments from this entire journey. For now, all we can say is – it really is about the journey not the destination.