Lagunas de Altiplanto, Bolivia

The Route

In the southwestern corner of Bolivia lies the Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa, a park known for its colorful Lagunas and vast landscapes. It’s not an easy drive because:

  1. It is not paved, but washboard like gravel
  2. There are no gas stations for a 400 km stretch or if you do the whole route 800km
  3. Needless to say – no cell service

But it is supposed to be one of the most beautiful drives/parks in Bolivia. Due to the inconveniences above, there are a very limited number of visitors to the park.

Valle de Roca

We start off by visiting a small area called Valle de Rocas where the rocks form strange formations like aliens, animals, and arches. We see towering rocks that look like waves being formed and vast canyons. It took us 3 different routes to try and find it, but it is worth it.


There is no one here and the first thing we say is, if this was anywhere in North America, it would already be a national park, but here – it’s just another rock formation where you can drive through the canyons with an eerie silence.

The Lagunas

I am not going to lie, the roads were horrible. There are some remnants of a paved road that once was, but are now obstacles for norma to avoid. There are also washboard type roads where you feel like you are going over 100-speed bumps right after another.


Andean Flamingos


So many flamingos

But the scenery was beautiful. It felt like we were in a deserted land that has never had humans near it and it’s like that for about 3 days. We occasionally see other SUV (small tour groups) and buildings that are hostels near Lagunas for those tours, but other than that it’s silent and beautiful. This is where a camera we have doesn’t really capture what we see in real life.




Salvador dali Desert


Laguna Blanca


Llamas grazing by a stream

And from here, we are off to Chile and entering into the San Pedro Atacama Desert! Even though Bolivia was really short we are so glad we were able to visit, because it is a beautiful country with some of the best landscapes we’ve seen so far. We will definitely have to return, but for now – off to a new country!