Catedral de Mármol

This is one of those places you see pictures of online and think… that’s photoshopped, right? Too much editing and it’s probably not as nice in real life. You build yourself up for disappointment.

I was so wrong. It’s breathtaking.


dsc_0483The entire region used to be a glacier many years ago and the entire lake is a beautiful turquoise color. Not only that, these rock formations have mineral deposits and is made of marble. Over centuries, the glacier lakes have carved these beautiful marble sculptures of caves and caverns. Only accessible by boat, we take a 3-hour boat tour of the region.

The marble walls have a weird texture to them – like beehives? And when you see it, it looks sharp and edgy. But when you touch it up close (because this is South America and you can touch things), it’s smooth like someone has been polishing it.

Surrounded by the 2nd biggest lake in South America, it’s hard to imagine the colors you see, but seeing it in person really put everything else you’ve done in perspective. I mean, it used to be once giant glacier and it melted and became this beautiful lake and then started polishing away the rough rocks into these beautiful smooth marble sculptures.  Once the sun comes out, it sparkles with the turquoise blue waters and it’s definitely something that is incredibly hard to capture on camera – you really have to see it in person.