Quito, Ecuador

Mital Del Mundo

The Middle of the World! We take a small detour on our way to Quito and visit the “middle of the world”. For an $8 entrance fee, there are surprising amounts of things for us to look at – Guinea pigs (they eat these), a demonstration of indigenous homes, a monument looking over Quito, and llamas!!!!


We were planning to stop by Quito to have dinner with Mauro (who helped us fix the car) and to meet up with our swiss friends (who’ve had to tow their van to Quito to get it fixed), but when we went for a small checkup… Mauro discovered there was something wrong with Norma and it was waiting to happen. So again… we are back in the shop. Unexpectedly, we have to spend 3 days in Quito. But, we make the most of it and go to TeleferiQo, have dinner with friends and walk around Quito’s old town.


Swings overlooking Quito


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