Hola Ecuador

Leaving Colombia

First thing in the morning, we drive to the border and actually pass the Colombian customs office and park just before the Ecuador border.

  1. We get our passport’s stamped out of Colombia (The building with all the white tents outside of it).
  2. Walk 50m to the DIAN office to cancel our Temporary Import Permit – TIP. BTW, there are ladies with stacks of US Cash walking around (they exchange Colombian Pesos for you) and they will show you the way to the DIAN office.
  3. Drop off your original TIP
  4. Drive over to Ecuador’s offices

Hola Ecuador

Again super simple! I don’t know if it’s because we had our lucky swiss charms, but we went to the Ecuador passport office and within one hour – we were done! We cross over and start our Ecuador journey. First stop, the tree sculptures. These tree sculptures are hidden inside a cemetery in the small town of Tulcan.



We take it slow and do a nice and slow road trip through the north of Ecuador. First, stopping for a night at a campground called Finca Sommerwind and then driving through the mountains and then we get to our first wild campsite just outside of Apuela. It’s a safe small town and we find a free campsite right by the river. Even though we’ve only been in Ecuador for a few days, we already love the lushness of the lands. It’s so much green all around, we are surprised and already know 2 weeks won’t be enough to explore this country.


We know it’s been a while since our last post, but we’ve had more… car issues. That will come in the next post, but long story short – we had to replace some parts unexpectantly. With the amount of driving it’s normal, but it’s difficult to try and deal with all these issues in a foreign country when you only know basic Spanish (and that is being generous).

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