Los Nevados National Park, Colombia

If you’ve read our post before, you now understand it takes.. a long time to get anywhere in Colombia. The drive to Los Nevados National Park was no exception. It is a 7-hour, 280 km journey through the mountainous roads that are riddled with cliffs, construction and what feels like crazy buses trying to run you off the road.

However, without driving through Colombia – you truly haven’t seen what this country has to offer. With palm trees and rolling hills, it feels like we are driving in Hawaii one moment, and then next it changes to the mountain ranges that resemble the jungles of Thailand.


We finally arrive late in the night to the Los Nevados National Park, a volcano just outside the coffee axis of Colombia. The wild camping spot we found sits at 13,120 ft and considering I’ve gotten altitude sickness every single time, we take the medicine welllllll in advance. The next morning, the views are covered with constant clouds that bring rain and then sunshine within a span of 15 minutes. While beautiful and breathtaking (literally) I have a sharp toothache and Norma’s steering doesn’t feel right.

This is what Steve woke to on his birthday.


After a long journey into and around the nearby town of Manizales, we try and find a mechanic or a dentist. It’s Saturday afternoon on ANOTHER long weekend, so we have very little luck and Steve decides we have to head to a big city before the steering gives out 100%. So we drive the 4.5-hours past the coffee axis into Cali – the 3rd largest city in Colombia.

We message a dentist – Dr. Carlos and he agrees to see me on a Sunday and speaks English – THANK THE LORD! Time to fix Norma and keep on heading south.



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