Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Villa de Leyva

Listed as one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia, we decide to stop here for a couple of nights. We pack into a free campsite at the edge of the city and spend the evening walking around the town. It looks very similar to Barichara with cobbled stone streets, whitewashed walls, and terracotta roofs. On Saturday morning, the market square starts filling up with local farmers and produce, restaurants, clothes, and handmade goods.


The Exchange

We eventually meet up with Pascal, Virgine & Quito who have already met up with another Swiss couple (Nina & Timo) who have travelled upwards from Ushuaia. For the next day exchanging tips and ideas while getting wine, dinner, empanadas. It’s so insightful since – we have no idea where we are going in the next few months. We have some ideas… but since everything in South America is so far apart we never know if a place is worth taking a 5 hours detour.


After a joint breakfast on the 2nd day, we are the first to depart to Bogota. Pascal & Virgine will be coming down to Bogota in a few days and Nina & Timo will be going to Guaimaro and Barichara. Time to hit the road!


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