Las Gachas, Colombia

Las Gachas

To break up the drive to our next destination, we decide to visit the Quebrada Las Gachas – a riverbed with bathtub-sized holes where the river runs through them. The road to Las Gachas was littered with gigantic potholes and trucks wiping around blind corners into oncoming traffic, but the spectacular landscape distracted us from these annoyances. We arrived at 5pm to the trailhead but decided to save the hike in the morning. Instead, we set up camp and played chess. Steve started teaching me so we have things to do if the weather sucks or we have no internet connection. The first game? He won in 4 moves. Now he is actually walking me through the steps – we are still on our second game 3 days later.

We had a crazy rainstorm that lasted most of the evening so we took shelter inside Norma. At one point, we could not hear ourselves talk since the rain was so loud. Early in the morning, we took the 20-minute walk through the valleys to get the to Gachas. We had to walk through someone’s property so we pay them $1,000 COP each. Can you imagine having Las Gachas in your backyard? The walk takes you through the most beautiful rolling hills and the views made it feel like we’ve stepped into another country. Surely, this can’t be… Colombia?

DSC_0481 (1)

The walk to Las Gachas


Zoe falling into the hole. They are about 1-2 meters deep so plenty of space for her to swim.


The entire stretch of the river is lined with these holes, it’s quite interesting.

The Gachas were interesting, but we couldn’t find any information on what caused these massive holes. Maybe underground water channels caused the sinkholes on the riverbed? After a short hike back, we pack up and left for Villa de Leyva – named one of the most beautiful towns in all of Colombia.

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