Barichara, Colombia



A small town in the countryside of Colombia filled with cobblestone roads, white walls, and red-tiled roofs. It’s a town that looks like it was built for a fairytale so we decide to stay at least for a couple of days. The city’s climate is in the high 20s all day and then around 3pm, the cool afternoon wind comes in and the evenings are nice and chilly 15-17 degrees. It’s perfect weather for us. We find a campsite run by a Dutch couple nearby that many overlanders have recommended called Guaimaro.


Julia – an architect and Joep – an archeologist, has built a beautiful home (based on permaculture) and campsite just outside of Barichara. Almost all of the construction materials were recycled/repurposed from the previous buildings, and the large stones were excavated from their property. They use the sun to heat up the water for a beautifully built outdoor shower surrounded by big tropical leaves and stones. Due to the scarcity of water, all the grey water at the campsite is recycled using a plant filter which is then used for toilets and watering the garden. It’s a thoughtfully designed and beautifully made Finca they’ve taken seven years to perfect. They are currently adding in two more outdoor shower/bathrooms (they get lots of campers), and eventually adding a small natural pool. If you are looking to do a workaway program near the countryside of Barichara, Colombia – you can find them here (

When we arrive, we meet a couple from Australia (Daphne & Danny) who is doing a work away program and traveling around South America for a year. There is also a French couple name Solene & Julian who have been traveling parts of South America for 5 months also doing a workaway. And Kelly, a sole backpacker from Estonia, has just started her journey. Couple of nights in, a Swiss overlander couple name Pascal & Virgine with their Dog Quito also roll into Guaimaro. There is a communal kitchen so we make dinner, hang out, and talk about our journeys. It lets us know that the idea of traveling for 7 months isn’t radical, but the norm within this kitchen.


These wonderful people shared their stories and experiences – we’re so grateful to have spent 6 days with them

We ended up staying 5 nights at Guaimaro. During the day we hike the 45 minutes to the town of Barichara, get lunch, fresh produce, then walk back and spend the day researching, reading, and planning our next steps. After 5 nights, we are sad to leave especially, Julia’s freshly baked bread – but we pull ourselves away and go to our next steps to Las Gachas.

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