Bogota, Colombia Part 2

Food Adventures in Bogota, Colombia


Highlights of Food

  • Mancho Biche is a green mango with lime juice and salt. It is sour, very mango-ish, and definitely an acquired taste.
  • They don’t eat a lot of spicy foods or use garlic in their cuisine. I finally found garlic after visiting 5 grocery stores.
  • There is a lot of fruit that is very sour and is made into a jam.
  • Bogota is very dog-friendly and everyone loves Zozi. They even have something called Dog university where dogs go to school and get training/exercise for the day.
  • Even though Colombia is known for its coffee, most of it is exported out of the country. Locals drink something called ‘Tinto’ or instant coffee sold by ladies in thermoses for $0.10/cup. Otherwise, you go to coffee shops where they specialize in more specialized coffees/lattes.
  • They don’t use fresh cream for much. It’s been really hard to find coffee cream of any sort.
  • Cheese everywhere!! Literally, in everything. on top of a salad, as a side to meats, in your hot chocolate (yeap it’s a thing).

Other Highlights



Our jeep was supposed to leave Houston on October 2nd and arrive in Cartagena by Oct 7th. Guess what! due to some miscommunication about our information, it wasn’t loaded and the ship sailed without her. T.T

Now the new arrival date is October 15th. We were planning to limit our time in Cartagena since it gets so hot, but we might as well make the best of it and spend a week in Cartagena and explore the areas there. So, we are staying here until Sat, Oct 5th and then making the 1,000 km drive in a rental car this weekend.

Even though we can just stay in Bogota another week (temperatures are much more favorable here), we are getting a bit restless. We might as well head to Cartagena, talk to our broker in person about the process and explore the Carribean town of Colombia. Plus, fresh seafood and beaches? why not.

2 thoughts on “Bogota, Colombia Part 2

  1. Looks like you guys are having a Great time. Snow, Old cities, Old Chevy’s and good food.
    Attached is our youtube channel, First day of our 8 day trip earlier this year. about 15mins long
    Look at youtube: Chrispy Rides Langley to Sequim WA

    • This video makes us miss home Chris. We talk about your home-made jerky a lot. It has now become the bar Steve holds all cured meats to.

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