Bogota, Colombia

The First Day

we take it easy and go out to the surrounding neighbourhoods to take Zoe for walks. But it’s not the nicest neighbourhood to walk in since we are on the corner of a really busy intersection and from what I can tell. We are in the car/auto district. No problem. Zoe has been sleeping non-stop so we decide to find a nice restaurant that’s a 15-minute walk away for dinner. Our first true meal in South America and let me tell you. It. did. not. disappoint.

We have some basic Spanish down. We can ask for a table, order drinks, but when it comes to menu it’s like there are only so many ingredients you recognize. So eventually, Steve asks the one guy who speaks some broken English for recommendations. Everything was so delicious, tender, and with the live music playing the in the background – it’s a really good night. Ok, just you so know the beef tenderloin was the best ever. And not pictured is a delicious fresh tomato salad. For 5 dishes and 3 drinks, it came out to $157,000 or around $60 CAD. We were so stuffed.

Things we learned about Bogota, Colombia

  1. Colombians don’t eat large dinners but instead, have large lunches. They have a saying “Eat breakfast like a prince, lunch like a king, and dinner like a pauper”.
  2. It is the capital city of Colombia
  3. The traffic is horrrrrrrible. They say it is as bad as LA. It takes about the same time to walk vs. driving.
  4. Most people don’t speak English like not even a little bit.
  5. Bogota is also really pet-friendly.
  6. It’s also the 4th highest capital of the world at 8,660 feet.
  7. When you pay in credit card, they ask you how many installments? Turns out, you can ask them to charge some of the bill now, and some later.

Day Two

So, we walk a lot instead of driving or taking a taxi. Gives us a chance to walk Zoe and explore various neighborhoods. On the second day, we come back after a walk and take a small nap and then guess what finally hit me – Altitude Sickness. I start with a splitting headache, nausea, and then the vomiting starts. I start throwing up at 5pm and don’t stop until 11pm. I can’t keep water down and start getting a nose bleed. Eventually, steve google some things and says drinking a coke helps. I take some sips and pass out.


It was a rough night.

Day Three

I wake up feeling better and then we go to the markets and the food district to get some snacks and see what’s out there.

Day Four

Today is a long walk day. We walk to the Park 93 district which is a much much nicer neighborhood. We go for a nice 10km walk and get some interesting fruits and foods while we are at it.

So far? We like Bogota. It’s a very mild temperature climate with access to beautiful produce/fruits since it’s proximity to the equator. The people have been nothing but nice and sweet.

On Sundays, the entire city engages in something called Ciclovia. They prohibit cars from driving on major roadways from 7am-3pm to encourage people to take bicycles and go walking outside (Map of where they shut down the streets –  2019-mapa-ciclovia).

Guess what we are doing tomorrow? going on a loooong walk.

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