UT – NM – TX


an impromptu portrait session featuring 2/3 of the family.


Taking a quick break and a picnic in Moab, UT


Nap time in Moab, UT


a Swimming Break at Ken’s Lake in Moab, UT


Our Campsite in New Mexico. There was no one around us. The temperature reached 36 during the day and didn’t go below 25… o_O


Arrived in Texas! We tried camping here but ended up having to go check into the hotel. It was 8pm and 36 degrees still. No wind meant we couldn’t cool down.


Zoe sleeping while Steve drives.


Mansfield Dam Park Austin, Texas

We’re in Austin, Texas for a few days. We’re doing some logistical planning and figuring out what to do about the next leg of our journey. We’ve been lucky to find lakes to camp near, but Central America will be wet, thundering, and hot at the same time. Zoe isn’t doing too well with the heat and she has already gotten red heat marks on her belly. =(

Time to do some thinking and resting.


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